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Happy Labor Day loves!!  ;-)

For me, today was a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with a focus on my health, my career and my beloved boo.  Of course with a little fashion inspiration!  Everything here is vintage, except for the Steve Madden sandals.  I love this pink lace mini paired with the army green jacket and peace sign scarf.  The pink lace definitely softens the rough & tough army jacket and the peace sign scarf adds a little edge into the mix.  Along with the gold chain embellished sandals, this was a match made in fashion heaven.  ;-)

IMG_0991 IMG_0996 IMG_1007 IMG_1009 IMG_1011 IMG_1019 IMG_1025 IMG_1072 IMG_1098 IMG_1107 IMG_1115 IMG_1117 IMG_1125

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend celebration!

Have a great week!

XO, Chrissy

Pink Lace Dress:  Vintage (similar here & here)

Army Jacket:  Vintage (similar here & here)

Peace Sign Scarf:  Vintage (similar here & here)

Sandals:  Steve Madden (These are sold out, but you can find more amazing sandals here)


Grace Weber


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The Milwaukee-born, Brooklyn-based singer is about to debut her second album titled, “The Refinery”, which is out October 7.  If you didn’t know, now you know (and you should ;-))…  She is often labeled as an “Old Soul” and for good reason.  Grace’s music is grounded in powerful soul, roots and gospel sounds, with her voice and songwriting as the centerpiece.  I can’t wait to see her on the 14th of October in LA!!!!


Follow Grace!!!

Have a great week!  ;-)

XO, Chrissy

Never Grow Sober


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I’ve always had a thirst for life, adventure, and good wine shared with good people.  I am obsessed with these new accessories!  Perfect for the #thirstygirl I am!  ;-)


This is the ultimate #thirstygirl accessory.  The sophisticated 25 oz. bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.  The wide mouth allows for ice cubes and drip-free sipping.  Most importantly though, this #thirstygirl bottle also conveniently holds an entire bottle of wine!


The Borracha Decanter features a measurement table to ensure you pour the perfect glass every time.  Hmm…  I think test tube wine glasses would compliment this very nicely.  ;-)


My new best friend!  These teeth protecting Wine Wipes come with a mirrored compact.  The stain red wine leaves on your teeth is notably unattractive.  With these wipes, you’ll never be called “tannin’ teeth” again!  Wine Wipes’ orange blossom flavor also ensures that you won’t ruin your next sip.  So, wipe that wine off your smile.  ;-)

You can get yours here!


XO, Chrissy

Alan McCune’s Book Release Party


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On Tuesday July 29th, 2014 at the Riviera 31 inside the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, author, Alan McCune, celebrated the launch of his anticipated debut novel, “Annabella and the Secret of the Mirrors”.  I left with a copy of the book in hand and I could not put it down once I started reading it.  A definite MUST READ!

the essence of it

Annabella and the Secret of the Mirrors is a tale set in another world where society is divided by the color of your eyes and the Ministry rules with a promise of Coneyesion – but only if you serve with loyalty, dedication and commitment to their ways.  In this world, mirrors are banned because of their dangerous secret properties, but yet the wind brings whispers of their existence and untold powers.  Annabella’s life seemed normal until she was forced into a journey of self- discovery.  On this journey – one that few girls her age could survive – she is thrust into a world of pain and solitude, yet it is her courage and curiosity that will lead Annabella towards an unimaginable future.  Along the way, Annabella learns that faith, hope and fear are what can kill you, and yet these emotions also keep you alive. She faces demons she never knew existed, and even some within herself that haven’t yet bared their teeth.  This is a story that will make you fall in love with a warrior in the making – or maybe a demon slowly being unleashed.


In addition to a book signing by the author, Alan McCune, there was a live fashion exhibit featuring Sue Wong’s Fall 2014 Edwardian Romance Collection and Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry.  DJ Pickel was in charge of the music, Tarot readings by celebrity psychic Julie Rose from Live.Love.Tarot and Magic by Paul Fegen from America’s Got Talent.  Christopher Grant, the artist behind the cover of “Annabella and the Secret of the Mirrors”, also made an appearance.  Starlooks Makeup was there for red carpet touch-ups and they handed out goody bags, which included a beautiful green eye liner that I am now obsessed with.

It was a night to remember and Alan is one amazing person!  Purchase your copy of “Annabella and the Secret of the Mirrors” HERE.

Here are pics from that fabulous night, enjoy!

Enrique Godoy Ynzenga and Alan McCune of The Skinny Executives

Enrique Godoy Ynzenga and Alan McCune of The Skinny Executives


Author, Alan McCune

IMG_0283 IMG_0286IMG_0284 IMG_0290 IMG_0295 IMG_0297 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0312IMG_0314IMG_0315IMG_0316IMG_0319IMG_0327IMG_0330IMG_0331IMG_0333IMG_0335IMG_0340IMG_0343IMG_0344IMG_0349IMG_0361IMG_0380IMG_0386IMG_0396IMG_0399IMG_0400IMG_0411IMG_0413IMG_0418IMG_0420IMG_0423IMG_0425IMG_0429IMG_0433IMG_0442IMG_0447IMG_0449IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0463IMG_0464IMG_0473IMG_0474IMG_0486IMG_0489IMG_0491IMG_0507IMG_0509IMG_0514IMG_0519IMG_0526IMG_0532IMG_0538IMG_0545IMG_0553IMG_0558IMG_0562IMG_0567IMG_0578IMG_0584IMG_0598IMG_0601IMG_0607IMG_0612

 Have a wonderful weekend!

XO, Chrissy

Hey Skinny


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This time of year, we all want to feel confident in our bikini’s!  This great tasting water will help just that by easing digestion and alleviating that bloated feeling.  It’s super easy and so yummy you’ll be craving it all summer long!

Here’s the recipe!

Combine 6 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of grated ginger, 1 sliced cucumber, 1 thinly sliced lemon, and ½ cup of mint leaves.  Let the water fuse overnight and sip your “skinny water” all day to slim your tummy.

IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0279 IMG_0280

Cheers to a bloat free summer!  ;-)

XO, Chrissy

Homemade Coconut Oil Beauty Products


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I’m a little obsessed with coconut oil at the moment and I love these fun recipes for beauty products!  So far I’ve tried the hand scrub (made my hands seriously soft!), body butter (OMG!), hair mask (a little messy, but great results) and shaving cream (love the smell and feel).  All were super easy to do!  What uses for coconut oil have you come up?  Please share!  ;-)

A Guide to Homemade Coconut Oil Beauty Products
“A Guide to Homemade Coconut Oil Beauty Products” on Health Perch


Have a great weekend!

XO, Chrissy

Getting dressed with Paul Fredrick


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Summer Collection  (1)-2

As the wedding invitations pour in, your stress level rises with concerns over what to wear.  I’ve partnered up with Paul Fredrick to offer some tips on making your man the “best man” at every summer wedding you attend.

Make sure you also check out Paul Fredrick’s blog for more ideas!


I love lighter colors and lighter fabrics for men attending a summer wedding.  Trending right now for men are grey suits.  It’s almost becoming the new black.  It may seem more suitable for a fall or winter wedding, but with the popularity of pink for women right now, the grey is so complimentary.

One of my absolute favorite accessories for men at anytime of the year is a bow tie.  They are always a stylish option in my opinion.  I find it so attractive when my fiance wears them.  Drool…  ;-)

Pink is HOT!  It may sound feminine, but I love pink and red on men.  In fact, my fiance was wearing pink when we met, instant attraction!  ;-)  These colors are perfect for the guy who exudes confidence.

For weddings, I prefer long sleeve dress shirts opposed to short sleeves.  If it’s hot, you can always roll up your sleeves during the reception.  I also love that look!  ;-)

While I love the look of a three piece suit, I would go with a two piece suit for summer weddings.  You want to be comfortable and it could get hot, especially if the wedding is outdoors.  I also think dressing should be more casual in the summer, even for a wedding.

So ladies, I would always try to compliment your dates outfit or vice versa if you’re dressing him.  ;-)  Not only is it fun, but so attractive!  For summer weddings, I really like a short dress.  It fits the season and will be so much more comfortable on hot summer days.  Also, one of the best things about summer dressing is that we get to have fun with color.  My go to colors right now are pink and red.  They are this seasons “It” colors and are sure to get you noticed.  If your date is a little timid with color, try accessorizing him with a red pocket square and bow tie to match your red dress.

Summer Collection  (1)-1

pf 1

pf 2pf 3

Have a blast at all your summer weddings and I hope this helps spark some ideas for your attire!

You can follow Paul Fredrick here:




XO, Chrissy


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